Thanks to David Hirst of the South Australian Museum, for spider identification.

When I read in the local paper that male barking spiders were on the prowl, I chased down the contact, and reached the man behind the article. I asked where I could find barking spiders in Alice, and he said 16 mile creek, which is north of Alice (guess how far?)  

The first 2 trips there were unsuccessful, but the 3rd yielded this guy.  I thought for sure it was a barking spider, but alas, it turned out to be a black wishbone, species Aname Atra. She was found in the first shovel full.

This specimen seemed to be more aggressive than any other spider I've photographed, hence the Karate Kid antics you see.  The powerful jaw/fang combo on this guy ensured delicate handling.

Black Wishbone Spider
(16 Mile Creek, N. Alice Springs)
Subfamily Anaminae
Aname Atra

I'm hungry, why don't you move that camera just a little bit closer?
Featured Photo

Top down view of the black wishbone This guy is about 2 inches long, or 5 cm Black wishbone
Black wishbone spider's webbing on the ground, leads to an underground burrow Oh Mr. Miyagi,  is this how you do it?   Wax on, wax off
Black Wishbone Black wishbone Wishbone beside his hole........also called home
Frontal view of the black wishbone Blackie moves in for the kill on a hapless huntsman.......Score: Black wishbone 1,  Huntsman 0
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