As you can tell, I like Golden Orbs, and orbs in general.  I don't think they are M'orb'id at all. Ain't these babies a beaut?

Golden Orbs exhibit dimorphism, which is where one gender is much larger than the other. See if you can find the small males.

Golden Orbs
This Golden Orb was found east of Alice Springs, on Bond Springs Station.  Several males were clamoring around her.
Orb on its side, male is climbing in for a ride Underside of golden orb, with 2 males vying for her attention. Female Golden Orb underside, with male doing the "bump and grind"?
This tiny orb, 1 cm tall, was found in a fir tree. This small golden orb, 2 cm tall, is probably just a youngster. Same pose as feature, maybe some small detail differences
Same pose as feature pic, but different pic Mother and daughter living in the same web.  Cloudy day. Orb found near road sign not far from Standley Chasm
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