Golden Orbs are web builders, and can grow quite large. The orb shown in the center was about as large as my hand.  Often, I'll see them with a hitchhiker on their back.  This is the male, the larger, prominent orb we recognize is the female. At first it was thought that the male was a dwarf.  Turns out the female is a giant.  Talk about Big Momma!! Once the web is established, a whole family of orbs may live together, as a web can grow very big, stringing between 2 shrubs or trees.

Common Name Golden Garden Orbs
Order Araneida
Family Tetragnathidae
Genus/Species Nephila spp.

Featured Orb Photo,  click to see the web coming from its spinnerets, looks like a safety line, or a bungie jumper
Orb found on Alice Telegraph Station Land, she had quite a community living in her web. Orb underside Golden orb, has a hitchhiker
Golden Garden Orb, and it's huge, with male orb on its back Beautiful orb found south of Alice Springs
Orb found on bush tucker tour, on Hay River.  Help me, help me, I'm missing a leg!! Giant Female Golden orb with smaller male Orb, bottom Golden Orb and the male hanging onto her back

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