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 Name  Description
My Photo Gallery Steve's other photos of Central Australia, landscape, people, animals, and events
Steve's American Spiders Steve's photos of American Spiders
Water Lily Photo Gallery Steve's photos of water lilies
Common Spider Myths Great article dispelling spider myths.


 Awesome site with lots of pics and info, all kinds of spiders
 Australian Museum Online  Spider fact sheets
 Common Spiders of Queensland, Australia Ed Nieuwenhuy's comprehensive site of Queensland Spiders. Great pics.
 Common Spiders of Europe Ed Nieuwenhuy's comprehensive European Spiders. Again, excellent photos.
 Brisbane Insects and Spiders   Peter Chew's huge page on Brisbane spiders and insects
 Queensland Museum  Queensland Museum's Spider Page
The Spiral Burrow Australian scorpions by Mark A. Newton
Spiders at Ojibway Photos of spiders found at Ojibway Nature Centre in Windsor, Ontario
Bugguide Identification, Images, & Information, For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin, United States & Canada
Tarantula Breeding Tarantula care and breeding, including large photogallery and sale of tarantulas, scorpions, etc, by Ondrej Rehak
Spiders In Your Playground Spider activities, facts, and photos and galleries