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Spiders live everywhere!
What does the Bible say?
Proverbs 30:28 "The
spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces."

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Steve's Australian Spider Pics

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Welcome to my collection of Australian spider photos. Thanks to Mr. David Hirst of the South Australian Museum for assisting me with identifying the spiders. I only use digital cameras to take the spider pictures. Some of the digital cameras I've used are the Ricoh RDC-4300,  Casio QV-8000, Casio QV-2900UX, a Nikon Coolpix 995, a 4 mpixel Nikon Coolpix 4500, and a Sigma SD10. I currently shoot with a digital SLR, the Sigma SD14, with several macro lenses. Check out my American Spider Site

There are plenty of excellent websites on Australian spiders, notably the venomous Redback, but they usually only have one or two small images of each species. Instead, I try to display as many spider photos as possible, as I think they're something special to see.  

Kids, don't try this at home, spiders can and will bite, if provoked. Mom and Dad, this site is kid friendly, if you find objectionable content, please let me know. Most of these shots were around my house in Alice Springs, or at work out bush east of Alice. Alice Springs is outback country, almost the very center of Australia.I would jump in the car with some water, my camera and gear, hat, sunscreen, sometimes a shovel if I thought I'd be digging, and then would go hiking out in the bush, driving around til I found a promising spot. Most spiders I'd photograph on the spot, sometimes I would take them home to photograph in a studio set up (especially the fast runners, like the Wolf Spider). I photographed the spider in its natural habitat where possible, using the macro mode on the digital camera. I was continually amazed at the variety of spiders found in the hot and inhospitable climate of Australia's bush country.

I've enjoyed visits to this site from people all over the world, which is pretty neat. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them...Steve Clark